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12 Amazing Toys for Tummy Time!!!

Check out our highly recommended tummy time toys to get your baby to tolerate tummy time for a longer period of time! Click on the title of each toy to purchase from Amazon.

1) Oball Infant Rattle: These colorful balls are fun for the little ones and are also great for grasping and tracking. When your little one is ready to crawl, this toy is great to get them moving after the ball.

2) Tummy Time Fun Activity Mat: This mat has an activity center that is designed to encourage extended tummy time play. It is portable and great when you are on the go. The tummy time mat includes a comfortable padded play mat, a tummy time pillow and a mirror.

3) Boppy Pillow: This boppy pillow is a must have! You can position your baby with his/her chest propped up on the pillow and place one of your baby's favorite toys in front of him/her. You can also lie down on the floor and interact with your baby by talking/singing to them.

4) Light activity bar: Babies love toys that light up and make music. This activity bar will also occupy your baby when they are at the sitting stage. Have your baby lie down on their belly as you place this toy in front of them.

5) Black and White Book: Black and white books are great for tummy time especially since vision does not fully develop until 6 months of age. Around 2-5 months old, babies can see black and white and are more likely to stay in a tummy time position when looking at black and white books.

6) Tummy Time Roller Rattle: This inflatable activity toy roller features bright colors, colorful graphics and two rattling balls inside. This toy is perfect for babies to push, roll and crawl after.

7) Sassy Crib & Floor Mirror: The only thing your little one loves more than your face is his/her own. Place an upright baby mirror on the floor in front of your tummy-down baby and encourage your baby to lift up their head look at their own reflection and yours. Your baby's curiosity to look at faces will help prolong the time they spend on their tummy. Mirrors also help practice visual skills like focusing and tracking.

8) Fisher price crawl along: This toy is great to get your babies to learn how to crawl.

9) Earlyears Fill N’ Fun Water Play Mat: This is a perfect tummy time activity that really gets your baby engaged. It also allows for cause and effect learning as your baby works to grab and move five ocean pals around in the water. This toy is great for sensory stimulation, motor skills, cognitive abilities, and social skills. Recommended for ages 6 months and up.

10) Music Activity Table: This activity table is great for tummy time practice. All of the legs can easily be removed and the activity table top can be placed on the floor while your baby is lying on their belly. You can also remove two legs of the activity table and place the table at a 45 degree angle on the floor while your child lies on their belly in front of it to play.

11) Kids Ocean Wave Drum: This toy has sound effects when moved or it can be used like a drum. This toy is a great sight and sound starter for babies. It will also keep your little one on their stomach for a longer time as they will be engaged in the sounds the drum makes along with watching the beads inside move.

12) Rattles for ankle/wrists: These are great for tummy time by placing them on your babies wrists. They are also great to place on your babies ankles to work on reaching for their feet.


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