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Holiday Gift Guide 2021

If you are having a hard time figuring out what to buy the kids in your life, take a look at our gift guide for some help!

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Infants (Birth-3 months): These are great toys to get your infants to track toys, practice tummy time, reach for their feet, grab toys, stimulate sensory skills, and improve their eye hand coordination skills!

1) O Ball Rattle

2) Mind Cubes

3) Hello, Baby Animals

4) Tummy Time Water Mat

5) Tummy Time Mirror

6) Unicorn Crawl Toy

7) Boppy Pillow

8) Sassy O Links

3-6 months old: These toys allow your little one to explore, grasp, and touch different textures for tactile development along with improving dexterity. The floor chair is great when you have to get chores done around the house. They also encourage motor development such as crawling after the fun toys

1) Laugh & Learn Smart Watch

2) V Tech Activity Cube

3) Sit Me Up Chair

4) Take Along Toy

5) Sassy Do-Re-Mi Musical Toy

6) Tummy Time Mat

7) Baby Einstein Glow and Discover

6-12 months old: These toys are great for developing cognitive, eye hand coordination and motor skills. These toys can be used in a fun way to promote sitting, standing, cruising and walking!

1) Dimpl Stack

2) Busy Ball Slide

3) Baby Xylophone

4) Drop and Go Truck

5) Elastic Band Shape Sorting

6) Learn and Groove Musical Table

7) VTech Bright Lights Soccer Ball

8) Squigz

Toddlers (1-3 year olds): These toys are great for developing cognitive development by allowing your child to explore and use their imagination. These toys also promote eye hand coordination, social interaction, motor planning and color/shape differentiation!

1) Spoolz Stacking Toy

2) Air Stacker

3) Kickboard Scooter

4) Pom Pom Pictures

5) Egg Shape Matching Toy

6) Thread and Play Beads

7) Golf Set

8) Soft Foam Set

9) Tricycle

10) Rainbow Magic Ball

12) Busy Buggy

3-5 year olds: These toys allow your child to be creative by using their imagination. They also promote cognitive development, eye-hand coordination, social skills, strength, and balance

1) Chroma Cubes

2) Alphabet Fish Board

3) Bowling Set

4) Eezy Peezy Monkey Bars

5) Trampoline

6) Mental Blox

7) Wooden Puzzle Maze

8) Geoboard

9) Zoob

5 years and older: These toys promote creativity, problem solving, cognitive development, eye-hand coordination, social skills, overall strength and balance

1) Light Up Tracing Pad

2) Guess Who

3) Twister

4) Catch Game

5) Kids Obstacle Course

6) Fashion Plates

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