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Fun Ways To Work On Pre-writing Skills!

What are pre-writing skills?

The essential skills children need before they are able to write. An important aspect to pre-writing skills are being able to copy and imitate pre-writing shapes. Pre-writing shapes are comprised of particular strokes that many letters and numbers contain. Pre-writing skills consist of a child's ability to cross midline, hold a writing utensil appropriately, manipulate objects, perform hand-eye coordination and visual perceptual tasks. It is also important that they have established a hand dominance, and obtain adequate finger, hand and core strength for their age.

The following activities incorporate these important set of skills that will help your child develop the necessary pre-writing skills to be future writers!

Typical Progression of Pre-writing Strokes:

A child should be able to imitate and draw all shapes before moving to the next pre-writing stroke

1) Vertical line

2) Horizontal line

3) Circle Shape

4) Cross Shape

5) Square Shape

6) Right/Left Diagonal

7) "X" Shape

8) Triangle Shape

Pre-writing Activities:

Sand & Shaving Cream

Practice drawing shapes, letters, and numbers in the sand and shaving cream

Stringing Beads

Dot Markers


Wikki Stick/ Pipe Cleaner

create shapes, letters and numbers out of the wikki sticks


create shapes, letters and numbers out of the play doh

Q-Tip Art

Tweezer Games


Unwrapping Tissue Paper

Spray Bottle Tracing

Magnet Play


The content in this blog should not be used in place of medical advice/treatment and is solely for informational purposes. All activities/exercises posted in this blog should be performed with adult supervision, caution, and at your own risk. Big Leaps, LLC is not responsible for any injury while performing an activity/exercise that has been posted on this blog. If you have any information on the content of our blog, feel free to contact us at


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