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Outdoor Fine Motor Activities For Summer

Try out some of these summer activities that you can do outdoors this summer with your kids!

Spray Bottle:

Spray Bottle activities are an excellent way to increase grip strength and fine motor development within children's hands!

  • Trace letters, shapes, numbers

  • Clean off a dirty toy with spray bottle


Using chalk is a great way to develop a child's pencil grasp and increase fine motor strength in fingers!

  • Create an obstacle course

  • Chalk Painting

Sponge Play:

  • Sponge Relay Race

  • Sponge Painting


Bubble play is a great way to work on isolation of the index finger as well as visual tracking and hand eye coordination!

  • Bubble wand with kitchen utensils

  • Paint with Bubbles

Squeeze Bottle Painting

Squeeze bottles increase hand strength and improve bilateral coordination!

Scooping and Pouring Sand

Sand play helps to develop hand strength, hand eye coordination, sensory development!

Creating Letters with Sticks, Leaves, and Rocks

Works on fine motor development, spatial awareness, and boost alphabet skills

Climbing Ladders and Swinging from Monkey Bars

Increases grip strength and fine motor development


The content in this blog should not be used in place of medical advice/treatment and is solely for informational purposes. All activities/exercises posted in this blog should be performed with adult supervision, caution, and at your own risk. Big Leaps, LLC is not responsible for any injury while performing an activity/exercise that has been posted on this blog. If you have any information on the content of our blog, feel free to contact us at


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