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Why should kids play in a prone position?

When a child is laying on their belly while propped on their elbows and their head and neck are extended upwards, this is called the prone position. "Tummy time", in the prone extension position, helps babies to achieve many gross motor milestones and is the first time they are receiving input from this position. As children grow older, the prone position still remains very important to help promote shoulder stability, increase postural control for core strength, improve visual attention during tasks, muscle endurance and sensory integration. Try out some of the activities below with your kids!

Signs a child may have trouble maintaining the prone position:

  • Difficulty keeping their head upright and resting head on forearms/ floor

  • Squirming or fidgeting their body in the position

  • Attempting to come out of position into a sitting or lying on their side

Activities for promotion of the prone position:

Snake Crawls

Scooter board


Playing games, puzzles, coloring, and reading a book

Therapy ball

Log Rolls

Superboy/girl pose


The content in this blog should not be used in place of medical advice/treatment and is solely for informational purposes. All activities/exercises posted in this blog should be performed with adult supervision, caution, and at your own risk. Big Leaps, LLC is not responsible for any injury while performing an activity/exercise that has been posted on this blog. If you have any information on the content of our blog, feel free to contact us at


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